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Our Story

This goes pretty far back when my dad worked part time as a night janitor in a school. I actually started helping my dad clean, strip & wax floors and shampooed carpets at 12 years old. My payment was usually a chocolate shake from McDonald’s on our way home. I’m not sure what anyone would say now about this type of payment, but I loved it.

After the owner of the cleaning company my dad worked for decided to retire, he sold the company to my dad in 1976. I continued to help clean and after receiving my driver’s license I started cleaning more buildings and then started supervising.

As I attended four years of college, I continued to clean at night and weekends until I graduated with a degree in computer science. After graduating my dad asked me if I wanted to stay with the company. I loved cleaning, so my answer was yes, but I wanted to build the company.

My dad thought no one could clean as good as we did and said we can’t have anyone do it for us. My answer to that; “Dad there are just so many floors I can do in one night”. This was the beginning of learning how to build a business.

After many years of doing general cleaning and or floor services of office buildings, banks, medical, supermarkets, etc., this type of cleaning became more of, who is the cheapest and not who is the best. All the cleaning companies would line up with the same vacuum, mop, bucket, window cleaner, disinfectant, etc., and the question was, who will do it the cheapest, not the best way to do business.

In 2013, NYC Department of Health started to grade the cleanliness of restaurants with letter grades of A, B, C or would even close them down. This was the moment I decided to dedicate myself to learning to be the best at cleaning and sanitizing restaurants and haven’t looked back since. It wasn’t easy but after many years of trial and error, we have perfected the program and now have become the leader in the cleaning of restaurants. We are now truly considered the top Restaurant Cleaning Specialists.

This is the time to get your restaurant cleaned to the highest quality by the only restaurant cleaning specialist!!!

"For a great opportunity to be the cleanest restaurant your customers will notice''

We currently have franchise opportunities available in this area! Give us a call at (212) 643-0900 or fill out our online form for more information.